The Process - Take a look at this timelapse video, stroke-by-stroke, for 4 of Simon’s sketches. #eLearningEd

The Apps

The Apps - We experimented with three different iPad specific drawing apps: Brushes, SketchBook and Paper. #eLearningEd

#1 - Brushes

Brushes - iPad Edition (£5.49)

Made famous by David Hockney back in 2010, good well-rounded sketch app, has a great time-lapse video export option (see our YouTube video).

See also: Brushes - iPhone Edition (£2.99)

#2 - SketchBook

Sketchbook Pro for iPad (£2.99)

The most technical and fully featured of the three apps. Sometimes a little fiddly when the interface is busy, but plenty of possibilities for the more adventurous artist.

See also: SketchBook Express for iPad (Free)
See also: SketchBook Mobile (iPod Touch + iPhone) (£1.49)

#3 - Paper

Paper by FiftyThree (iPad) (Free) (+£5.49 for Essentials toolset)

Lovely aesthetic, minimal interface and a substantially reduced toolset compared to the other two. Without a doubt this app takes the least effort to generate some beautiful sketches.

#4 - Tumblr

Tumblr (iPhone) (Free)

"Digital Scrapbooking" - we decided on the micro-blogging site Tumblr to collate all our photos, drawings and videos in one tidy location. We also paired the Tumblr account with our Twitter for automated tweet publishing.

See also: @tweelearning

#5 - Others

The Artist - Simon (@sibokku) has extensive experience with his wee iPhone, but was pretty much an iPad virgin on the day. #eLearningEd